Canadian Punk Bands

Ah Canada, America’s often forgotten northern neighbor. The land of maple syrup, free healthcare, hockey and a slightly more European-esque culture than the U.S. Canada is a very unique place. We have more in common with Canada than we do with any other country in the world and that’s why its been over 200 years since we’ve fought a war against them. Canadians cannot go a single day without being exposed to American culture in the form of fastfood, movies, music, etc. The reverse is not true. Americans need to go out of their way to find Canadian culture within the U.S. Often times when we’re exposed to Canadian culture we assume its American because of our common language with nearly indistinguishable accents. And that’s where I come in. The following is a list of some solid Canadian bands. Some of which you may already know, but did you know they were Canadian?


The Flatliners from Brampton, Ontario

The Flatliners are a punk rock band with a hint of ska in their music. The Rancid very strong Rancid influence is apparent instantly.


The Planet Smashers from Montreal, Quebec

Despite being French Canadian these guys are an English speaking ska band that first made a splash when ska punk exploded in the 1990s and they’ve been playing ever since.


Sum 41 from Ajax, Ontario

No introduction necessary for these guys.


Simple Plan from Montreal, Quebec

Sum 41 and Simple Plan are Canadian? My childhood just got a whole lot more Canadian.


Propagandhi from Portage la Prarie, Manitoba

Thrash inspired hardcore punk from fields of Manitoba. These guys were huge in the early 2000s but they’re not very active anymore so they’ve faded away in popular memory.


Silverstein from Burlington, Ontario

I guess all that snow can’t help but make you want to form an emo band.


Alexisonfire from St. Catherine, Ontario

The video for Young Cardinals was filmed at Niagra Falls. Need I say more?


Cancer Bats from Toronto, Ontario

Punk inspired metalcore. You’ll recognize them if you’ve ever played the NHL video games, they’ve made more than a few appearances on the soundtrack.


And that’s all for now! I hope you’re all more aware of how America’s hat has influenced heavy music. Its a pretty impressive lineup of bands if you consider that Canada has a population of 30 million and the US has 320 million.


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