Rule No. 1 – Don’t be a dick!
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Going to local shows, you’ll see a lot of familiar faces. Meaning you’ll start becoming friends with everyone, everyone will start to learn everyone’s name. You say or do one bad thing, it will haunt you forever!

Rule No. 2 – Be disrespectful to the bands!
Number one and two go hand in hand. At shows everyone is there to have a good time. To get away from adulting and real life, to have fun! The bands go through a lot on show days. From getting to venues, to checking instruments, to making sure they put on an amazing show. If you see them running around 5 minutes until they have to be on stage it’s probably not the best idea to go ask for a photo. (Most bands will have free meet and greets after shows, to hang out take pictures, sign things the whole shebang, patience is a virtue my friend.)

Rule No. 3 – Be closed minded!
10 times out of 10 the local shows in Chicago all have amazing line-ups! No doubt about it. Also, at lot of times, the headliners have helped promote the show, for you to get introduced to see the opening acts, widen the scene. Don’t show up 10 minutes before the headliner is supposed to go on. Leave your house a little earlier and go enjoy the music, see all the hard work and dedication these bands are showing you!

Rule No. 4 – Be Unappreciative!
Bands: this one’s towards you. I’ve made a lot of friends in the local scene; I went to a show not that long ago where a member of a performing band, who I paid money to see, took off work, and drove 2 hours to see was a complete douche to me. It made me feel like I wasted money and time to go support this band, it made me feel like all of the supporting I’ve given this band was for nothing. Now with this being said, I’ve only had this one experience. Not all bands are dicks. Don’t take this one the wrong way. But bands: fans do spend a lot of money on you, drive insane hours to make it to your shows, the last thing you want to do is make them feel shitty. A simple smile, or a hey will always go along way!

Rule No. 5 – Don’t be the bad “that guy”!
To many times I’ve seen people sitting on their phone, not paying any attention to anyone except one person. You’re at a show, you choose to be there. So be there, in the moment.
Rule No. 6 – Don’t be afraid to be yourself
So you can’t dance, you like to scream lyrics, DO IT! No one is stopping you! Anyone band I’ve ever talked to or even followed on a social media platform loves it when fans scream the lyrics back to them. That’s why they wrote them, that’s why their performing! Have fun!

Rule No. 7 – Don’t name drop!
For the love of all things right in this world, the LAST thing anyone want to hear is how your best friends with someone who isn’t even at the show. It doesn’t make you cooler, it doesn’t make you more special, it’s annoying.

Rule No. 8 – Don’t be afraid to tip the merch guy!
You’ve heard it, and seen it all before, “I’m on tour, I have 20 dollars to my name” Tip, tip, tip! A lot of times I’ve offered to do merch for free for a bands, they agree that what you make in tips is what you get paid. You want a sticker, he says it’s free? Throw in two bucks. You have a 20? Buy a 15 dollar t-shirt, throw in the change. Now I’m not saying take out 100 bucks from your bank account and throw it in there. Buy a CD, throw your change in the tip jar. Remember: Great Tippers, make better lovers!

Rule No. 9 – Don’t be afraid to have the time of your life!
Every time I come home from a show, or call up momma and she ask’s “how was the concert” Each time I say, it was the best show I’ve ever went to. From getting to see a bunch of friends, to getting in a pit and coming out with a bruise. I always make sure I Have the best time ever!


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