Must See 2016 Warped Bands

Warped Tour is only 8 days away (in Chicago), and this year’s lineup has taken the cake as one of the greatest lineups the tour has hosted in recent years. Kevin Lyman said this tour is “ back to basics,” and with bands like New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, and Sum 41, Warped this year is grasping fans of all ages. This lineup was sure to bring back those millennials saying “wow, I haven’t been to Warped tour in 4-5 years.”

Check the lineup here:


Here are some of my can’t miss bands playing Tinley Park next Saturday:

Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck is coming through their hometown, and anytime you see this band in Chicago, it will be unlike any other city. Now I really can only compare that to seeing them in Texas, but the love the fans have here for the band in uncomparable. Hometown pride at its finest, missing this set is a no can do.

American Authors

I haven’t listen to American Authors in a few years, back in the day seeing them open for my favorite alternative artists Atlas Genius. This set to me will redefine what their music is to me. I never would have guess to see them on this tour, but at the same time, it will be exciting to see them in this capacity.


Anyone who has talked to me about Warped in person knows I have been talking about Broadside since day 1. Listen to the song Coffee Talk and you’ll understand the hype. Also, they’re signed to Victory, so, more Chicago pride?

Like Pacific

Fresh off the State Champs and Neck Deep world tour (North American Leg), Like Pacific have started paving their way to the next big sound in this community. Playing on the Full Sail Stage the entirety of the tour is a second large leap this band is able to make. Seeing the progress this band has made, I’m excited to catch them on this smaller stage knowing in a couple years, it’s more than likely that they’ll be rocking out on Main Stage.

With Confidence

On my Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist, With Confidence came up on my drive to Electric Forest, and out of the 4 hour drive, their album was on repeat for at least 25% of that time. After the non-stop hour dance party alone in my car, I checked out the band on Facebook to find them on this year’s Warped. Lucky me, right? Thier music wasn’t amazing, but the tunes got my energy going and made me want to dance. For the first time seeing them, their live performance will definitely be a make it or break it for me.

Wage War

This is the band I am listening to while writing this list. I scooped this album on vinyl after a friend recommended I check them out, and they were right when they said I would love this band. Wage War is one of my favorite metalcore bands right now, their album Blueprints being exactly the kind of music I like with lyrics a hell of a lot  better than some other metalcore bands I’ve checked out.

New Found Glory



Each person going through the gates next week will have a list of can’t miss bands, each for a variety of reasons.. The only thing stopping people now is set times, but these bands are the cream of the crop and my priorities in building my daily schedule.  With each day’s lineup created that morning, Warped Tour is a truly individual experience for each person in each city. While my best friend and I take the tour in two cities, we double our chances at catching every band we want.

Best of luck with creating your lineup, and see you next Saturday!





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