2017…The Year of Deathcore?

So, I’m sitting here listening to the newest Fit For an Autopsy album, The Great Collapse, and it occurred to me that there are so many good deathcore albums that have come out or are on the way for this year.  Admittedly, I was slightly worried about where the deathcore scene was moving after hearing the new Whitechapel music last year and then Suicide Silence earlier this year (teehee), but since then, there has been so much to look forward to in the deathcore scene.  Just to name a few, there is new Shadow of Intent on the way, new Enterprise Earth coming out on April 14th, new The Acacia Strain, Gravebloom, new A Night in Texas, Within the Ruins, and then the album for which I am most excited, Revelation, by Oceano.  There have also been some incredible album drops already such as The Great Collapse as I mentioned earlier as well as Flesh Coffin by Lorna Shore and Xenoforms by Aversions Crown.  I’m essentially just writing this so that I have a list of all of the amazing deathcore albums of this year, and I’m sure that there are a lot that I may have missed, but for someone looking into getting into deathcore, I hope that this list helps you find a good place to start. I know that this was rather short, but like I said, it was mainly for me.  If you have any suggestions for new albums that I should check out, go ahead and drop names or links in the comments.


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