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Nina Swint


Loyolacore PR

 I’m a promoter, tattoo collector, Chicago-lover, student, and writer. Some would consider me a feminist, I prefer to say I’m active in bringing light to situations of social injustice, especially sexism in the music scene. I like mermaids and cats and long walks on the beach in the middle of fall with hot chocolate. Hot Mulligan and Bonfires constantly on repeat. I just really like pop punk.

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Chris Hoffmann


Loyolacore Vice President

Bio coming soon.

Alex Sabatini


Loyolacore Tresurer

So as you can already see, my name is Alex. I was born in Chicago, but I grew in “The Region”. If you know what that is, then I’m sorry, but if you don’t know, look it up. I started playing music when I was ten years old, and I picked up my first guitar when I was fourteen. I’ve been listening to metal for most of my life, and I believe that it has quite literally saved my life. Things to know about me are that I am an ambivert and I want to be a therapist in the future because I am crazy passionate about helping people. Most importantly though, defend deathcore.

Mike Destefano

Loyolacore President

Djent enthusiast. Italian. Promoter. Meme extraordinaire. Smash Bros champion. Health nut. Future optometrist. Avid user of the phrase “It’s lit, fam.” Lover of life. 

Silent Planet / Erra / Volumes / The Contortionist / Fit for a King / Born of Osiris / Veil of Maya / After the Burial / Monuments / Periphery


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Amber Loveshe

Loyolacore Secretary

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Joe Karamanski

Loyolacore Exec Board Alumni

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